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About Us

Gujaratpost News
Gujarat Post News is a 7 year old organization, we provide viewers with regional, national and international news,Our aim is to promote a judicial and independent press, we believe in publishing news impartially with full credibility, we do not favor any political party or organization, we do not accept funds from any political party. We are trying to give priority to news that is true, which is in public interest, in our news we cover from cities to small villages, we publish news on all relevant issues from public problems to government policies.

We publish news on many issues including politics, business, sports, health, bollywood, crime, financial fraud, international politics, war, we check all aspects and broadcast any news only after confirmation. We have readers in millions and this number is constantly increasing.

About GujaratPost Fact Check:
In today's digital era, fake news is going viral like fire in social media, which is the responsibility of the media to stop, the government has made several digital rules to take action against those who spread false news, but the spread of such news is not stopping. So we are fighting against such fake news, we are working on the claims from different media including social media, and finding the truth and falsehood and conveying the truth to the public.

The fact check campaign is going like this

For fact check we run a separate segment on our Gujarat Post website, our team goes through a deep examination of the evidence including photos, videos, statements, after which a story is written on that issue and delivered to the viewers. We take feedback and work on all possible improvements. Viewers also send us information regarding fact check and share their thoughts on the email and mobile number provided in the website.

False claims are harmful to society, requiring strong combat

Misinformation and claims are proving to be dangerous to the society, the damage caused by it is terrible, our mission is to identify the true news and convey it to the people, our team is constantly working on fact check. Also viewers can report any mistake to our team and correct it immediately, we welcome such views.

A neutral check is done

Every fact check by our team is unbiased, non-partisan. We do not favor anyone, we publish the correct report after studying whether the claims are true or false.

This is how our team works

We work in a different way for fact check, our fact check staff also get fake news from various platforms like WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, X, Instagram, after that research is started on that news, using various tools on the internet. our employees are active on social media and we take the truth of the news to the society.

The fight against fake news is necessary in many areas

Nowadays there is a lot of fake news in fields like politics, government schemes, health, war, global warming, business, sports, Bollywood, so fact checking is necessary in all these fields and we are doing it. We are trying to strengthen this fight of ours in the future, which is our responsibility and duty.